Rollover of one font/link activates the rollover state of another font/link?


When I rollover BRAND and it turns blue, I also want DEVELOPMENT to be activated to it’s rollover state so that it looks one cohesive unit. How do I achieve this? I saw nothing in interactions that would allow for this.

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Hi @nathanphilsteele

Can you provide screenshots so we can understand the issue. Having a visual context helps us find the solutions faster. :smiley:

thanks in advance

Hi @PixelGeek ,

For sure!

Current when rolling over BRANDING:

Want when rolling over BRANDING:

  • As a side not, which I think will be helpful. I want BRANDING to be activated when rolling over DEVELOPMENT as well. Additionally, the solution should be able to accommodate activating 2 or more separate items (DESIGN, STRATEGY, and + OPTIMIZED USER EXPERIENCE (UX)) will need to be able to highlight at simultaneously when one of them is highlighted also.

Thank you in advance,


Hi @nathanphilsteele, try wrapping your text in a div and setting the hover state to the parent element instead :slight_smile: Let mw know if this helps you out!

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Thanks @thewonglv! I’ll give that a try, and let you know how it goes.

***Thoughts on change all to a blue on roll (I didn’t see an interaction for changing color)?

Thanks @thewonglv

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