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Right Margin won't go away. Need Webflow Genius to inspect 🙏

Hey folks! I’ve read a few topics on here relating to that pesky white strip that allows a user to scroll right when on my site. I have messed with the overflow and triple checked my margins to see if there were any extreme pixel widths causing this and I can’t seem to find the issue. Can someone jump on my shared link and help me find out the cause? And perhaps a way to prevent it from happening in the future? @cyberdave @PixelGeek :slight_smile:

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Your “Uppercase” element has an interaction called “Scale in icon on scroll” and that appears to be making the element at least temporarily larger than the viewport. Other than that, I am not showing a side scroll at all. Could you post a screenshot of it?

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The rotate style property is kicking the Featured Image box out in the mobile landscape view. If you remove the rotate property it will fix your problem.

The fundamental issue is that you are style the Webflow components directly. I recommend instead of styling the column itself, create a div to inside the column and style it to your hearts content.

Styling the components directly makes things difficult and can lead to strange outcomes like you have here.

Hope that makes sense.


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Thanks @Cricitem! You nailed it! I just removed it all together :slight_smile:

Thanks @roblewi5! I removed the rotation on the element and went with styling a div instead. I suppose by styling and rotating the div, I’d have to be sure to make it responsive… perhaps by making the width/height auto?

Thanks again

You get far more control styling the div. I.e. Overflow: hidden will work correctly as apposed to it not working when styling the column.

Good luck with your site, it’s looking great.

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