Right Click to download images

Is there a way to allow an image to be downloaded or a dropdown menu to appear allowing the user to choose a file to download similar to Vercel dropdown when you right click on the image top left?


Is there a way to get a custom dropdown to appear when a user right clicks.

For instance, I want a way for a dropdown to appear if the user right clicks on our logo. Similar to Vercel website, to allow them to directly download our logo


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I’ve just released a resource and script showing how you can build fully custom context menus (like this one) directly in Webflow! Here’s a link → #89 - Custom Context Menus | Webflow Powerups

And here’s how it looks (but yours can look however you want)

Boom! THis is exactly what i was looking for! Thanks so much!

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No problem!! Glad it hit the mark :slight_smile: