Rich Text style for CMS

I added a blog section to my website using CMS.
the post body is Rich Text and I am trying to change the font size of the template blog post to show on all blog posts but without success.

I can change the color, Text-alignment, decoration… but not the Font size.
Any suggestions? ideas?

Please see “Blog Post Template” on the Read-Only link.

Thanks a lot

Here is my public share link:

Good morning @seanroisentul1, what text are you trying to change the size of in your Blog Posts?

If you are trying to get the section titles to be larger you need to change those within the actual Blog article Posts within the CMS:

If you need to change the actual size of the font, you would do that but adjusting the global settings for all tags.

Once you do those adjustments you will be able to adjust the font size in your “Rich Text” blocks.

Hope this helps?

Hi @BlueBerry_Media, Thanks for answering!

I am trying to change the font size of all the text as a whole from the section you were in “Post Body”.
I want all the text to show on the “Blog Post Template” as Font Size - 18 / 20 rather than 16 which is right now.

From your explanations I couldn’t understand how to change the global settings of “All H3 Headings”, I can’t seem to access those settings, And I am not sure that it would help (I would definitely try if you say it would!).

I want to change blog post page the text color of anchor tag how to change.

basically some white color apply and on hover color change please help me.