Reveal Under Navigation Issue (Please help!)


I am new to webflow and I am stuck on a navigation related issue and I just can’t seem to understand where I went wrong. I would really really appeciate if someone could help me my walking me through in making this work successfully.

Basically I want the navigation on this test time work similarly to the “Reveal Under Navigation” navigation menu in the available in the Webflow Demo Kit.

However the problem I am facing is that although I have defined a background color for the RunContent element on the site, the element itself fails to fill the background with the defined background color. Infact it doesn’t seem to be visible at all.

I have attached a screenshot of the section where i would like to have the reveal under navigation take place.

If anyone could help me tell where I have gone wrong, and help me figure this out, it’d really appreciate it.

The read-only link for the site can be found here:

The screenshot:

Thank you.

Hi Jake,

I compared your page to the DemoKit and, it looks to me like you need to set a 100% height on the following items:

Body - height: 100%
RunBody - height: 100%, width:100%
RunContainer: height: 100%

Try that and let me know if it helps.


Worked out well. I missed out on the Body being 100%. Thank you very much.

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