Please Help! Everything works BUT

So I am at a complete loss. I uploaded my site to my server, placing it in a subfolder to check if everything worked fine, which it did. So I pulled down my old site and uploaded the new site. They problem is that the main navigation does not work. It is supposed to open an overlay, but it does not.

Can someone here please take a look at this and let me know what I am doing wrong?
Here is the WEBLOW link:

Here is the live site:

Thanks in advance for any help given, I am stumped.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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are you talking about - selecting the “Menu” option in the upper left ?

When I select Menu… an overlay appears
I see 6 options.

Selecting Close… closes the overlay.

Yes…but for some reason it does not work for me?..I don’t get it!

Are you using the same browser to view the site as you did to design the site ?

  1. Try a different browser to see if the results are different.

  2. If #1 works… try clearing the cache on the original browser.

Yeah I’ll give that a try…i was using Chrome. I just checked it in Firefox, and it worked fine, except there was padding missing on some section…but the menu worked at least… I’ll try clearing Chrome now…

on a side note…
do yourself a favor.

Remove absolute full from the overlay
and set that value using jquery on the site startup.

Currently - you cannot “see” anything on your site at design time.

You have to hide the overlay in order to work with your site.

If you change this… the site will be much easier to update.

I checked Chrome and it now works! Thanks…I know I should have tried clearing the history first, but it worked in the subfolder test, so I didn’t think it could be that… lesson learned I guess.

Thanks for the overlay tip, yeah it’s a pain working that way, but unfortunately I’m no coder, so I don’t know how to implement the jquery value.

on my on side note, I looked around the forum but I didn’t really see a solution, but is there a slick way to “fade” between the pages on transitions? Basically when a user click the “x” on the sub pages and is taken back to the home page, I would like to do a quick, subtle fade between the two pages. Is there anyway to do that?

EDIT: Upon further reading on the forum, it seems like that sort of page transition is not feasible with just Webflow. Oh well. :frowning:

JQuery Overlay

I believe there’s a post I did a while back with the instructions.

I will try to find the code regardless.

Currently, trying to deliver a product @4 EST.

There are others here who can do it as well - so maybe they can jump in.

No worries, I really appreciate the help! Good luck with your deadline!

as an update… I “rediscovered this older post”
and realized I never provided the jquery source code I had mentioned.

Here it is. Hopefully, you don’t need it.

    position: 'absolute',
	top: 0px,
	left: 0px,
	right: 0px,
	bottom: 0px

.element being the DIV or what you element you want to change the absolute position of.

The example will also position the element as a cover (assuming it’s an image).

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