Retrieve a page using Webflow API

Hello everyone.
I’d like to update a page on my Webflow site using the API. My problem is that my page is not in any collection, and the Webflow API only gives methods that need both the collection and the item id.
Not the item Id alone.

Did I miss something here ?


Maybe the fact that pages are not accessible via the API. So that would not be an option.

Thanks for the heads-up Jeff.
Any turnaround on this? Seems weird to be able to access but not

Hi Stéphane,

Webflow’s API gives you access to CMS data because it’s databased content that is straightforward to describe and work with.

It does not have the ability to do designer-style tasks like placing / editing / positioning elements in a layout. This means that static pages cannot be manipulated at all through the CMS, and CMS collection pages can only be affected through the bound CMS content.

The solution for your static pages is to use collection lists that are bound to the CMS content you want.

Thanks Michael, makes sense.