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Responsive Text Sizes

Is there any way to have responsive text sizes dependant on screen size?
I want the font size to shrink, but the spacing between the heading and paragraph to remain looking the same.

Currently using vw instead of px for the font size, but this creates a large gap between the two elements when the screen size is reduced.

New to webflow, so if I dont understand your method, please dont be offended.

Thanks in advance.

Hey @Richard_Ellis, welcome to the forum :wave:

Sounds like rem/em might be what suits you. Check this out:

Thanks for the warm welcome.

I looked at that video before posting here.
I didnt really understand it - it was very technical for a beginner user!

I am also using the new UI so I dont know where to find rem.
I did try out em, but this didnt seem to work in the way I was using it. Maybe im using it wrong?


Here’s a couple of tutorials that may help. I have to confess that I’ve only played around with em/rem, I haven’t actually seriously used it so I can’t give you my own advice.

To use rem within webflow, simply type “rem” after the font size in the Designer.


After pressing Enter in the example above, it changes to:


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