Responsive Styles Reset and applying a left margin on Non-desktop

I’m having trouble getting the responsive version of my pages to look right.
A. How do I fix what I have? By fix, I mean get the images to have a left margin so the content is not running off the page. The top image/section here is right. The “Explore Popular Drivers + Image” section is what I want to fix.

B How can I reset styles for responsive sizes below the desktop? I feel like I have contaminated the Tablet and smaller screens and would like to reset those styles. Is there a way to do that?

Here is my public share link: [
(Click on Products in the Navigation)

Hey @Grant_Davis

Don’t have time to really take an in-depth view in problem A.

But to help you with problem B. Press the blue element which you customize for that certain device and press remove this style and it should reset it.

Hope this helps.