Margin Formatting for Select Column Displaying Correctly?

I have a bunch of images that are slightly different sizes, and adjust the margin of the headers to make sure all of the tiles align.

It looks fine in Webflow, but when I publish the website, the formatting is off.

Here is a read only link:

Here is a screenshot

Hi @quantive, avoid adjusting each element one at a time and instead make them all the same design.

(1) Making all the images the same size by cropping them in Photoshop
(2) Making all the elements the same size and add your images as backgrounds

Hope this helps! I apologize in advance if I’m way off - if so, please add some images of the final result you are trying to achieve so we can help you faster.

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Thanks for the help!

It looks the image wasn’t updating because I had resized it and saved it under the same name.

Once I renamed the image, it worked just fine.

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