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Responsive slider

I know maybe a lot of people has asked this question but I couldn’t find any answer that would help me. So I want to add a slider on the site. After some searches I decided to go with Responsive Slides. I managed to add it to the exported website but I have no idea why isn’t working. What do I mean with not working? Well, it keeps showing me the first picture but then nothing happens. It should slide to the second and third one but it doesn’t. Also, I tried to add it in a blank html file to see if I did something wrong but there it worked, so I’m kinda stuck. So my questions are: did anyone manage to add a slider after they exported the website? if yes, how? could anyone help me? Thanks in advance.

After some digging I found out that webflow.js is causing the slider not to work. I don’t know how to solve this problem but for sure that’s the issue. Maybe this helps in someway.

I had a similar problem and it was down to jquery. The webflow.js script includes jquery, it’s at the very top of the file, it is this that broke the plugin I was trying to get working. My solution was to delete the jquery script from webflow.js, it is everything above the line $.support.cors = true; and to include jquery in the usual way by adding the line <script type="text/javascript" src=""></script> (or whatever version of jquery you require) into the head of my page.

@nobleox I have the same kind of conflicts … One of our dev said there could be a way to avoid this. If @thesergie would like to know, I can go deeper on this.

Cheers !

Hey guys, @nobleox is right, webflow.js includes a version of jQuery. If you are including your own, it’s ok to remove the one in webflow.js, but we make no guarantees about the functionality found in webflow.js (smooth scroll, form submission, etc) once you deviate from the default. In particular, form submissions in IE8 and IE9 require workarounds (since those browsers don’t have cross-origin AJAX support), so make sure that you test your modifications those browser if you make custom changes.