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Homepage Slider


My homepage slider doesn’t transition. I can click the arrows, but it’s not set to auto scroll at the time interval that is set.
Here is the code

  <div class="w-slider" data-animation="slide" data-duration="500" data-infinite="1">
    <div class="w-slider-mask">
      <div class="w-slide">
        <img src="Include/3steps-banner.png" alt="5319f2c5e54411de12001549_banner.png">
      <div class="w-slide">  <img src="Include/testimonials-banner.png" alt="5319f2c5e54411de12001549_banner.png"></div>
      <div class="w-slide"><img src="Include/loyalty-banner.png" alt="5319f2c5e54411de12001549_banner.png"></div>
    <div class="w-slider-arrow-left">
      <div class="w-icon-slider-left"></div>
    <div class="w-slider-arrow-right">
      <div class="w-icon-slider-right"></div>
    <div class="w-slider-nav w-round"></div>



Please go to the site settings and enable troubleshooting link which you paste here. That way we can take a look at your site within Webflow :slight_smile:

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Slider works perfectly actually… Slides, transition is visible. It has VERY LOW transition time - 100ms. Try changing it to 800 and you will see transitions :slight_smile:

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Where do I find that in my exported code? webflow.js?

I edited the 100s in the code editor then exported my code and uploaded my webflow.js and modernizer.js and no change to my homepage slider.

Any thoughts?

Hello, as @bartekkustra indicated, it all looks fine in Webflow and transistions are working… the problem is in the code on your site, for one, you have have the carousel.js code loaded before jQuery, so there is errors being raised and not running your slider properly.

For starters, try moving this line that is in the head of your file, to the end of the file, just above the last </body> tag in your html:

<script type="text/javascript" src="Files/BrokerBranding/realtor/Include/carousels.js"></script>

Try that and check result… There might be some other changes you need to make to your exported code, but that is the first obvious error that I see you must fix… there is also some other errors reported on your website, but those might be cascading errors as a result of jQuery not being loaded before you are trying to run some script…


That was a start. No change though. Basically I just added attributes and styles to the webflow exported files. Everything else stayed the same.