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Responsive Slider Not Working

Hej webflowers,

I’m trying to implement a responsive slider, but I can’t get it to scale accordingly. I’ve tried to use the image as a background image and as an image element within the slide div. I’ve toyed around with the auto and 100% values for each element too…

What am I missing?

What’s really your issue?

Can you please share your project’s public link so it’s easier to understand your issue?

Learn how to do it here:

Hej Vincent, here’s the link to my site

The issue is that the slider element won’t scale responsively.

The image element scales responsively when set to 100% width. But the slider element seems not to recognize the value of the elements inside it, so does not react the same as the image el. when set to 100% width…

Let me know if you can make sense of what I’m babbling about.

Appreciate it!

I can’t find a slider in your pages, where is it?

hej, thanks for checking in. I’m trying a different approach since I couldn’t get it to work.

could you describe what i need to be doing to get it right or point me to a resource that explains it?

thanks appreciate it

? I could never understand what your problem is.