Responsive Nav? (w/ right-aligned content, no breaking)


Currently polishing some details on my portfolio site (newbie to Webflow here!), a big focus right now being my nav bar.

I would love to have the ‘contact’ + social icons section as far right-aligned as the browser size will allow, whatever it may be resized to, without it breaking onto the next line. I’ve tried changing settings but can’t quite figure this one out.

In short: how do I make the nav bar responsive, while holding content in its relative place?

I hope this makes sense. Any help would be so appreciated – thank you!

Here’s my site, read-only

Hi Eleanor,

Can you provide a read-only link to your site so that we can see how it’s being designed? My guess would be that there is something going on with the wrapper that is containing the contact+ social media icons which is centering it — it might just be a justify problem.

Hey Dylan!

Sorry, it should be attached in the original post – I’ll try again!

Here’s the read-only link to my site. Thank you for offering to help!

No problem! Yeah I would do something like this:

Put everything in a div called nav-wrapper, put logo in Nav-Menu, got rid of the container and set the nav-wrapper to flex/align-center/justify-space-between. Then set the Nav Menu 2 to have a left-margin of Auto and right-margin of 0. Hope that helps!

You are an absolute champ, thank you SO much for taking the time! This worked a treat. Have a fabulous rest of your weekend, Dylan!