Not sure how to fix my nav

Hi guys

Been trying for a week to fix my nav, new to webflow so it’s been a lot of trial and error

Here’s my site: Webflow - Dylan B Visuals

What I’m wanting is my logo on the left, and then some dropdowns and a button on the right side.

I’ve tried different containers etc but nothing I’m trying is working, in that preview link on my site there seems to be a ‘navigation items’ inside of my nav that only some of the parts are included in.

Just really need some help trying to get it to look how I’m picturing if anyone has any advice please.

Thanks guys

Hi @dylanb is the attached what you’re after?

Hello! That’s exactly what I’m after if possible.

Also struggling to align that button with the title haha.

How did you fix that nav if you don’t mind me asking please?

Have just done a video for you - will inbox now! Cheers

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