Responsive Mobile width and height changes cascading up to Desktop

the cascading works going down from desktop to mobile but it is also making changes with im working with mobile. It will cascade up to desktop. how do i stop this from happening?

It depends on what you’re trying to change.

Can you give us some more information about what you have tried to change. Some screen shots and your read only link would speed things up a lot.

when i change anything in mobile view it cascades up and doesnt look the same when viewing on my phone

For the given property to be preserved at a larger query it typically has to be declared first. To resolve it try declaring the desired property at desktop and then make appropriate changes where needed for smaller queries / device sizes working your way down through the sizes. Otherwise when the property is declared for the first time (even on phone) it is global and will affect / influence larger sizes.

It is somewhat frustrating at first blush, but otherwise your CSS would rapidly bloat and become difficult to manage and edit. The cascade keeps it lean and reflects changes only as needed.

@vlogic What do you mean by “declaring”?

set (or create) a value at the larger media queries and work your way down.

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