How to make a form bigger

i got a form and its responsive when i go down sizes from desktop, but when i try to make it bigger it stops being responsive, what to do?

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If you mean that it doesn’t “grow” at breakpoints larger than desktop, you need to set the styles and sizes you want accordingly.

Styles cascade downwards from desktop, and also upwards from desktop, so your larger breakpoints need to override desktop’s settings to create a different styling.

i mean when i try to adjust the width on desktop it stops it being responsive on the lower screen sizes, is there a way to have it a certain size on desktop and be responsive for the rest of the screens, or just some setting that makes things responsive without having to tune every screen size because as of right now, all the sizes look good except desktop(too small) and when changed all the sizes of smaller screens have it not fit

Anything you change on desktop will change what the lower breakpoints inherit.

If you look at e.g. tablet, you can see all of the style settings that are currently being inherited.
Write those down or do a few screen captures.

Then change your desktop settings.

Then go back to your tablet setting, see what has changed, and how you can override those changes back to the value you want in your screenshot. That new value will then inherit to mobile-landscape, etc.

This is how responsiveness works in Webflow. I call it the “Mobile last” rule, because everyone wants to jump in and build the mobile view first without understanding the complications that creates later.

thanks for the help, i guess i just gotta do it that way, which isnt too hard