Responsive Menu not working as expected


I’m on the last mile of a site and have run into a perplexing issue. When the site is scrolled to the top the menu works as expected, but as I scroll down the menu does not travel with the screen so it appears the menu isn’t working.

I’ve pulled my hair out over this for a day now. Any help would be very welcome.

Thanks in advance for helping get to the bottom of this issue.

Here is my public share link: LINK
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Hey there,

I experimented a bit with your site, and I finally got it working. Change the “Navbar” div to “Sticky” with a position top of 0, instead of “Relative” as you have it right now. Then change the “Menu Bar” div to static. Hopefully this will help you with your problem.


Thank you @robingranqvist That seems to have done the trick!

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