This is making me bang my head against the wall

Hello everyone!

So, since I’m no coder expert, I’ve been managing to design my website only using features inside webflow’s platform.

As you guys can see, I have a moving menu bar, that should lock up or down, depending on what submenu you click in. The thing is that this feature works just fine in the desktop version. I was really happy with where I’ve come so far until the moment I tested this feature on my iPhone. When I click on Atelier, the menu goes up, but it doesn’t stick to the top as it’s supposed to.

I hope you guys can help me fix that.

PS: I didn’t finish adjusting all design features, the issue mentioned above is driving me crazy.

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I noticed that you used a grid with a fixed position. I think things would be easier if you had a wrapper(div) for your text that spans 75% (approx) and a wrapper for your photos that spans 25% (Probably a vertically stacked, top, center flex box).

Make the text wrapper sticky and ensure the page height is set to auto. This should give you the effect of static text and scrolling images on desktop.

When to comes to mobile, you can simply change the layout of the page to a vertical flexbox (have the text on top and the pictures below or vice-versa) and make adjust the responsive design of each flex box as desired. I don’t think the static effect will work with that much text.

Let me know if this works

Hello there Optimus.

I really appreciated your input. What is bothering me most, is that the behavior of all interactions in the mobile web version are working as intended, it’s only when I test it on my physical mobile that this happens.

I think I didn’t understand the problem. I don’t see the menu bar you’re talking about. Can you take a screenshot?

There you go, I hope this makes things clearer.

Best regards!