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Responsive Issue Accordians

Please help.

I have setup pages using accordions which are not resizing when you squeeze the browser?
The accordions are also remaining in the same size as the previous view. i.e. If I view in mobile when I change the browser to desktop the accordion

dropdown is still in mobile size.

Here is my site Read-Only: [
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Hey :wave: Set “Accordion item Content” to position relative. Seems to do the trick!

Hi. Didnt help.

nope it didn’t! In the accordion open interaction, you need to set the expanded Height and width to Auto. I think that is it.

It is set to auto.

No I mean in the interaction, not the style panel.

Set both the height and the width to auto when expanding the accordion item content in this mouse click interaction.


Yey Oz. It worked.
You my new best friend.:grinning:

Can you advise on my other issue Internet Explorer?
I need my site to work in explorer or convert my site to WordPress. Can you do that?

All good mate. Good luck with the site.

Do you know how to get site to work in Internet Explorer?

No not really. I don’t build for it. But I think even flexbox elements will be buggy and cause problems.

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