Responsive interactions?!

hey guys, so i’m wondering if the interactions are mobile dependet like all the other style settings.

what i mean is: if i change the typography on mobile it will just change on mobile but not on all the bigger/higher devices. can we work with interactions the same way?!
if not: how to set up different interactions on different devices, but affecting the same elements…?!

if my question is not clear i will attach a share link and tell you my specific example - but this could be understood is a general question.


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Hi @danyalxy, the answer to your question is simple. The answer is YES. Just by change which devices the interactions can be viewed on.

However, if you would like an interaction to work on hover on desktop and then to trickle down to tablet and mobile viewports and adjust within that same interaction for tablet and mobile, your answer would be NO!

You would have to specify for mobile and then all others if you wish to have same or similar interactions.

Hope you are following my explanation?

okay got it, i didnt paid attention to this “device section” in the interaction settings. now i played with it and it solves my problem very well. :slight_smile:
thank u bro. <3

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