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Do I need different interactions for different size formats?

I just have a generalized question about the new interactions. As I make changes to the different ie. Desktop, tablet portrait, phone landscape and phone portrait - how do I adjust the interactions it doesn’t effect the other format?

More specifically I’m using scroll interactions and I made changes from the Desktop version to Tablet, and it effected everything. Each change also required me to change the position elements such as top, bottom, etc.

Do I need to make new interactions for each size format and rename all the components? I haven’t tried it but I was wondering if anyone had a quick answer. Thanks in advance.

With the exception of the Column element, which has some responsive options in the Settings panel, only properties changed in the Style panel will change depending on the selected device.

Everything else change for all devices. So if you change your interaction, it changes for all devices. There is no possibility to edit an interaction (IX Legacy or IX2) only for a device.

So either you design your interaction to work on every device —sometimes it’s possible, sometimes it’s not—or you limit the effects to only some devices, and craft other interactions for other devices.

Scroll interactions depends heavily on the height of the page, so you may need a new one for each device.

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Ok that makes sense. So it is possible to make interactions for each device. Good to know. I never thought you could limit the interactions to each device, then start and entirely for a separate device.

So if I create a scroll interaction for only tablet, then select to have a scroll interaction for only phone landscape, those are considered two entirely separate interactions? Just to clarify?

With IX2, yes. Thanks to this option:

With IX Legacy we used not to be able to. We had to duplicate elements, set their visibility for each device and make several interactions.

Yes. There are 2 cases.

  1. page interaction: make as many as you want, set the visibility as my screenshot shows
  2. interaction set on an element: not so easy, you can only set 1 interaction per element, so if you need several… well you’ll have to resort to the old trick, duplicate element and set different interaction to them, and set the visibility on elements.
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Amazing! I’ll try both ways and see which works. Interactions 2 definitely has a learning curve but I love it. Thanks for a great product!