Responsive hero section for all screen sizes

Hi all, I have a really stupid question. I’m trying to transfer a Figma design to webflow. I can say this is my first project on webflow.I used Wordpress before that, webflow is really cool but I have a problem with the responsive hero section.
The Figma design page size is 1920*1440. It has 12 columns as88 px with 32 gutter. The default container size of webflow is 940 px ( 12 collunms 60px 20px spacing.)
How can I show the hero section as a full screen on all devices? And how can I edit the 1920 * 1440 page without changing the rates on the default design page?

BTW I have already added largerbreakpoints :frowning:

thanks in advance

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Hey Ezgi,
I’m not sure what you mean but if you don’t want to use Webflow’s default container then you could just create a div and set it’s width to 100%.
This will make whatever is inside the container stretch the width of 100% on all devices.