Responsive Gradient Body Background

I cannot find a way to create a gradient background that maintains the height of the view window across all break points and/or when scaled.

I’ve tried:

  • creating a body background gradient - it ultimately tiles when scaled in web view at the bottom, even when ‘don’t tile’ is selected

  • The div block trick (adding a div block, creating a gradient, setting width to 100%, height to 100 VH, and adjusting z-axis to -1) - The div block does not cover a small top portion of the screen in web view when the window is resized.

Any work-arounds or trick to make this work? Thanks.

I ended up fixing this myself after playing around a bit by changing the div block with the gradient applied from Fixed (full) to Absolute (full) no is working across all break points and window resizes! :call_me_hand:

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