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Responsive footer height

Hi there.

I’d like the height of my footer to be responsive. The scroll stops short of the top of my contact page in some browsers, or if I resize the window. Currently I’ve set it with a giant chunk of padding, but that’s obviously a bandaid solution that won’t actually fix the problem.

Here is my public share link:

There is not a real link, here is how to correctly share a public share link. :wink:

Oops, I accidentally cut a bunch off the end. Fixed now.

So what I understand you are asking how to make the Footer and Contact section together take up the whole height of the browser … correct?

Yep that’s right. Even if I had to combine them into one section that would be okay.

Okay, put them in the same section, then just make the section height (type in to Webflow) 100VH. :wink:

Tell me if this helps. :sunglasses:

Thanks Vladimir, it works nicely. It gives a little more height past the bottom of the page than I would like, but it’s so much better than it stopping short. It would be good if I knew how to do it without combing the two sections. It’s great for this website but when I need a footer for several different pages in the future this may not work.

Hi, had the same problem. I think it was caused by a container in the section on top of the footer. When changing the container by a normal div the gap disappeared.

Hello @mimfox, you can do it with two sections, you would just need a bit more understanding of VH/VW units, learning them is very useful and I suggest you discover more about them … The reason I just merged the sections and gave the standard 100VH answer was to give a quick and short answer. :wink:

Okay cool, thanks Vladimir.

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