Setting the height of a page

Hi There,

I’m having some trouble figuring out why the body of my site, particularly on the contact page is longer than where the footer ends…it doesn’t seem to be an issue on other pages and I assume it’s because the minimal amount of content on that particular page? setting a minimum height to the body hasn’t seemed to help either.

No doubt there’s a simple solution…

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK
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Hi @wedidthat

You are right, it is due to the amount of content on that page. However, I would change the Position to Fixed/Bottom for the Footer symbol. This will keep the footer stuck to the bottom of the screen and hypothetically add empty space to fill the page (see screenshot).

Hope this helps.

Hey thanks for that - yeah, definitely a fix for this page, much appreciated. I would like to avoid having it fixed across all instances though…I guess I could just duplicate the footer and rename for this page only right?..thanks again.

Hi @wedidthat

You can unlink that instance of the footer for that page, right click the footer and select Unlink this instance (bottom option). However if you were making any changes to the footer symbol you would need to add those changes to the unlinked instance.

Another option would be to put the footer symbol in a div and set that divs position to fixed bottom, that way you won’t need to unlink that instance and any global changes made to the footer will replicate to the contact page.