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Responsive Footer Cut Off at bottom of screen

Hi All,

Now sure how to get extra space (padding or margin) under my footer. It’s responsive and reveals itself when you scroll up. It’s fine until you get to wider screens the footer touches the bottom of the screen.

Here is my site Read-Only: [LINK][1]

Check you padding and margins
I’m on my iPad and can’t look at your project

Hi Janne,

I have checked and no matter what I adjust it doesn’t seem to do anything?

Have you checked padding and margins on the parent objects

I have, I can alter the padding on the footer, but just brings footer up page , where I want to to stick to bottom, so I just want to increase the amount of colour underneath (if that makes sense). I have looked at this forum Issue with footer but that doesn’t;t seem to work either?

As I said before on my iPad and can’t check the project. However my guess is a margin, check the container, section or div. I assume you have not added a margin to the body

Ps you read only link is not working

I tried to add margin to body to see if that did anything.
Oh strange, here is my new link

I was trying to look at the project on my iPad, but it’s not working. Will look at my computer later

That would be much appreciated, thank you. I can’t seem to figure it out. It could be the auto positioning on footer which I got from another forum? Thank again for trying to help.

DO you still have this problem? In mu designer usomg my computer it looks fine. I do not have a link to the link

I did find one thing on your Page Wrapper you have set
Hight to 100% and
Min Hight to 100 vh

Change Hight to 100vh

You also have to change the footer to have min 250 px if your do this

Hi Janne, thanks for helping. Sorry the home page etc was working, it was the work pages (sorry I should have said), although I have figured it out, I had to change the VH on the footer. Thank you so much for your help.