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Responsive fontsize

I make a new attempt. I have not yet found a solution. Here you can see a test projec
I have a text in the project. As I reduce the size of the browser from right to left, the text adjusts perfectly to the change. The text does not move left, right, up or down, and thats good, It keeps its place all the way down to mobile view from desktop view, which is the goal.
But when I move down the text a bit, and a bit to the left and then try to reduce the browser from desktop view to mobile view, it loses its startposition. It starts moving right and down.

At the place I have the text on right now, this problem does not occur.
But that’s not the desired position

I want to move it to a new optional position anywhere in the background and lock it in some way that its locked now…

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  1. Okay where do you want the text to start?
  2. Then where do yo want it to end, or stop?

I need a pic of that. Take a screenshot.

Cool. I’ll try put a dot there and get it close. Give me a sec.

Remove it out of that Container.

Its removed. No container

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