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Responsive Facebook iframe feed?

How do make my iframe responsive in a webflow column? It doesn’t scale up down proportionally to the
screen width.

Hi @theyurisin, could you please share the read-only site link? It will help to give a solution :slight_smile:


Here is a link

Hi @theyurisin, thanks for getting back to me, sorry for the late reply. I took a peek at the site, and it seems that you are already using the Facebook recommended code for the facebook likebox to adapt to the container width of the parent element.

The issue is, that this adaptation to the width has some limits:

  1. The minimum width is 180px and the max width is 500px
  2. The fb page plugin will adapt to fit the parent container, but only on page load. If you try to resize the window manually, the FB page will not resize until after page refresh.

Unfortunately, there is not a super easy way to make this 100% responsive, but one thing you might check, is an article on stack overflow that shows some possible custom css settings you can add to the Header of your site, to try and get better responsiveness.

To add custom code, see here:

I hope this helps!

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