Responsive embed code component?

hey guys. currently i have the problem that i embed a custom code into my site and there is a img file in it…so it seems that it is not possible that to make this img responsive so taht it resize whether it is on mobile or desktop.

so i have a second file of it in smaller size, specially for mobile view.

so what i need would be one embed code component for desktop and than for mobile the same one, but with the smaller sizes…

but the code i paste into the desktop view will be parent for all the other views so how to solve this problem? is my problem clear? otherwise i can try to explain further ot to put in a read-only-link…

What you’re saying makes sense. All you need to do is set "display:none " inside the HTML EMBED on the smaller media queries.

Let me know if this helps you.

thank you for the tip and link. i’m trying it right now…

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That sounds good. Let me know if it works