Need help by little media screen setting

hey guys,
i have no coding experience and only basic knowledge of html…
here in my project i have the paypal button embed with the code their provided me.
but the button is to big…its actually a img.
i have smaller ones but is it possible to embed 2 versions of this code, one for desktop, and one for smaller devices, especially mobile? so that the code becomes responsive and switches automatically from big button to small button…

Here is my site Read-Only:

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Hey @danyalxy

One thing you can do is using two different embed elements and change display settings + size for the img. See here >

The other thing you can do and I think the better is to add a class to the input field > add a div with the same class > play with the size > delete the div. You just need to remember that you need the class and deleting from style panel will remove all styles applied to the class. See here >

Hope this helps :webflow_heart:

wow awesome! thank you very much for your effort bro.
i will try this out when i’m on my desk again.

how long will these videos be online?

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They will wait you :grin: :webflow_heart:

hey the idea with the external div that i can use as a “style controller” for the buttons is just genius!! i tried it in a slightly adjusted way and it worked perfectly. thank you!

but i’m wondering why you delete the div at the end and how the style still remains even if you delete it? anyway i found a way to leave the div without it disturbing me. :slight_smile:

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Hey hey,

I’m removing the div because we don’t need it. I’m just using the div to add the class and make the changes. You’re removing the html elements, not the css class. That’s the reason :wink: If you go to the styles manager where all classes are, you will see it under unused styles.

Piter :webflow_heart: