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Responsive div setting

Hi, I am brand new to the Webflow so sorry for maybe stupid question.
How should I achieve the behaviour like this: (pls. drag the the partition bar shorter or wider to see how it behaves)

  1. Behaviour of the Form
    I want the form to be in the middle taking up just some % of the page width when the screen width is over e.g. 800px (or the standard width which Weblow counts for Tablet, Mobile landscape…). When the screen width is below (e.g. mobile) I want the form to take the full width to be easily readable.

  2. I have a bar which includes the text on the left side and a button on the right side. I want the button to be floated to the left to the text with some padding when the screen is wide enough (lets say over those 800px). But when on mobile (800px and less) I want the button to be on a new row and both the text as well as the button to be aligned to the center.

I tried to use the “columns” elements but when I switched to mobile look it was all disarranged.

The main reason I’ve started to use Webflow was to avoid the need to “write” css code.

Thank you

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