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Responsive design Help needed

Hi there,

I’ve created this website but i need help in fixing the bug for the responsiveness of the website. If you open it on the desktop browser and resize the browser. At some point, it’s a bit messy like the screenshot below.

What do I need to do so it switch to tablet view before it starts doing that? I’ve played around with VH and VW but having no luck with it.


Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
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Hi Yansen, you will have more luck if you use the image as a background to the column (set to cover) and remove the existing image element.

Hey that Gif is 2.7 mb. You would be better off creating a slider or custom layout with interactions. It will give you ongoing design flexibility around that image content and with compressed images should be less than 500k

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Thanks Hamish! The background image worked really well.
I’ll have a crack on the slider.

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