Responsive CMS Slider — How to show less items on smaller breakpoints?

What’s up Webflow forum contributors.

I have had this on-going issue with getting my CMS Slider to be working nicely across all browser widths, ranging from desktop to mobile.

So, what’s the best way to create a CMS Slider that shows three items on each slide for desktop and tablet and two items on mobile with the ability to swipe horizontally?

I’ve had some OK attempts at it, but the whole experience becomes rather clunky in all cases.

PS. Excuse my messy project, but I’m stressing this to finalization — hence the madness.

Site link:

Hey @timgabe!
I think I have found a way to solve your problem. It is more work but shouldn’t take you too long at all and I know it’s not the most ideal way to solve this problem but it definitely works fine and you should have zero problems with this. I made a video showing you what you can do. Cheers! :grin:

Watch video HERE!


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Hey man!

You’re a hero. Really appreciate that you took your time to provide such a thorough and detailed video explaining how to fix all of the issues — some heroes don’t wear capes, that’s for sure.

Hadn’t used the Webflow community forums until now, but with such a fast response, and such a detailed response, this definitely won’t be the last time I’ll be hanging around here.

Have an awesome day man, and thanks once again!

Take care. :grin:

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Dude, thanks so much for the kind words! Really appreciate that! Super glad I could help! I’m glad you’re going to stick around as well. I hope you have an awesome day as well

Feel free to reach out anytime! Cheers! :sunglasses::call_me_hand:t3:

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Of course man — and thank you, once again. Really, really appreciated. Take care Noah!! :grin:

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You bet! Anytime! :webflow_heart:

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@Noah-R Came across this looking for a solution to the same question, it appears the video you posted is no longer around. Any chance you can repost the solution?

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