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Responsive CMS list

Hi everyone,

I’m trying to adjust the number of CMS items I have in a list when the breakpoints are hit;

I currently have a section at the bottom of the page which contains 4 cards of most recent blog posts (image, title, summary, and published date). All of this is on one row on Desktop view but I was hoping to reduce this somewhat as the devices get smaller otherwise it takes up too much room when they move to 2/2 and 1/4.

Portrait tablet drops the summary text and shifts the cards over 2 rows. Then I was hoping for mobile devices I could hide two of the cards, but this is where I am stuck. Everything I seem to do relating to the number of objects pulled through from CMS seems to take effect across all breakpoints.

All of our client sites at the moment are built in WordPress and for the components we use, it’s not an elegant solution either; duplication of the entire section with one of them having just 2 cards - then I would hide one or the other section depending on the device.

I was hoping not to have to take this messy approach - does anyone know how something like this might be achieved in Webflow?