(Responsive) blank space on mobile


I have a problem with responsive. You can see that problem with your phone because there a space on right screen. I don’t know if that problem come from header or footer. Can you help me ?



Screen Shot 2020-05-14 at 16.55.55

You Nav content’s minimum width is wider than it’s container and causing overflow. You have a choice to either remove an element or use another layout for the Nav.

Perfect it is corrected for mobiles, on the other hand I have this same problem for 15 inch screen for example. On the big screen it’s good but as soon as it’s smaller there is this space on the right side

When the page is in big no problem.
When the page is much shrunk no problem.

But as soon as the page is in between. Moderately narrowed, the white space appears.

Hey @Romgal, the problem is here:

Your logo has a set width which overflows out of the container. You can just remove the width or make it in %.
Screen Shot 2020-05-15 at 16.40.46

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Thanks :slight_smile: you’re right

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Good looking site btw!

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