RESOLVED: Small annoying interface change (or bug?)


When selecting an element, e.g. a paragraph, then selecting the ‘All’ tag from the Selector dropdown to edit all paragraphs, then e.g. editing the font size, the ‘All’ tag loose focus the moment you do an adjustment, having to re-select the ‘All’ tag from the Selector dropdown to do more changes. Very time consuming!

Is it just me, or with everybody?


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Hi @Christoffer

Thanks so much for posting about this!

This is definitely a bug and our team is investigating this now. I’ll be sure to post back here when I have more information to share.

​Thanks in advance for your help and patience!

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Hey @Christoffer, I’m the engineer responsible for this one. I’m sorry about that. We just pushed out a fix! Thank you for posting this and for your patience!



Hi @iammerrick

Hmm, still happening at my end. It now seems to affect combo classes when going upwards in the selector dropdown structure too…

Hi @Christoffer

I tested this with combo classes on my end it seems to be working as expected.

Can you please reach out to our team directly and send us more details (Read-Only, screenshots, etc).

​Thanks in advance!

Hmm. That is frustrating. I’m sorry about that. Could you please refresh the designer and make sure you’ve cleared the browser cache? :slight_smile:



Hi @Brando and @iammerrick

Was going to do a screen capture to show the problem, but now it works! :smiley: Perhaps something was stuck in the catch or something yesterday…

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