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[Resolved] Save As Draft not working in New CMS Single Item create/publish action dropdown

Trying to use the new dropdown action on CMS items. The Save As Draft option is asking me to fill in required fields even thought it shouldn’t for a Save As Draft action.

Also when I try to select items from a Referenced Collection dropdown field, it is locking up my browser.

Anyone else seeing these issues in the New CMS Single Item actions?

Link to project I’m seeing this in currently.

Here is my site Read-Only: LINK
(how to share your site Read-Only link)

I’m seeing both issues in latest versions of Safari and Chrome.

Posting updates here.

@matthewpmunger we removed the validations on the required fields when you are saving a draft.

We’re still working on the other issue. Hopefully we can update you soon!

Yes, @Lindapham, it works! I was able to save as draft multiple times despite required fields being blank.

:crossed_fingers:Hope you all can fix the other issue.

@matthewpmunger The second issues is fixed as well. I just tested on your read-only site and it looks like it’s working. Thank you for being so patient.

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@Lindapham Woohoo❗I can confirm that the issue is solved in both the Designer and Editor!!! It feels faster and snappy too when accessing reference collections.

Great job. Go Webflow team!!! Squash those bugs. :bug:


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