[RESOLVED] Logic Error : Flows require all your domains to be up-to-date

Hello all Webflowers,

I have built et activate an automation with Logic (HTTP request with Airtable). The test is good but as soon as I publish the website, I get this message in relation with my Flow :

“Some Logic Flows require all your domains to be up-to-date and publishing to just a subset of domains will cause them to break”

See the screenshot attached.

I can’t find any documentation that explains this problem.
Do you know the origin of the problem and the solution?

Thanks in advance :slight_smile: Olivier

Capture d’écran 2023-12-07 à 19.24.18

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I’ve not seen any documentation either on the reason for this limitation, but the only solution I’m aware of is to give up staging as a feature. Every publish must be to production.

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Thank you for your feedback.
I got the answer from support:

Logic Flows require your site to be published to all versions of the domain simultaneously. So that’s both .webflow.io staging domain, and custom domain.

We can subsequently unpublish staging domain, and the flow will still work on the custom domain, but when we next publish, we will again need to publish to all domains including the staging domain. This is a current feature limitation of Logic Flows.

Unfortunately no explanation there.

For my workflows, staging is essential, and I can’t give that up for Logic.
Make has a good free plan if you run into the same issue.

Hoping the issue is addressed soon because it makes using the feature virtually useless for live websites. Comparing it with something like programming, it’s like being forced to merge to master each time — impossible. Please fix soon!