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[RESOLVED] I get invalid domain as message when trying to add domain name

Hi all! I am trying to add domain hosting to a website made in Webflow. But when i do so it says invalid domain. I am using swedish letters like “å ä ö” in the domain adress which i suspect Webflow is reacting to?

Anyone know if some characters is not allowed with domains in Webflow? If so its really a problem!

See What are the major drawbacks of having a domain that contains characters with accents?:

The DNS protocol only supports ASCII. Domains with accented characters in them are encoded to ASCII using Punycode. That means that your domain éxàmplê.com is actually

It is a virtual certainty that there is lots of software out there that doesn’t support internationalized domain names (IDN). It’s up to you to test in your environment and decide whether the advantages of a rich character set in your domain name is worth the trouble.

And How to link an accented domain name?

Domains cannot contain non-ASCII letters. Internationalised domain names are actually Punycode encoded. In your case, the actual domain name is

Not a bug then. Just use the actual ASCII domain name instead of punycode domain name.

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