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[Resolved] Headings text overflowing on mobile view


I have a site I am developing in which I have a H1 and a H3 on every page, centered and located in a container. Some pages have only a couple of words as the headings, some have several.

When I view the pages on mobile view some of the headings wrap down to the next line (when too long to fit) but, unexplainably, some of them overflow out of the container and off the side of the screen, refusing to break and drop to another line.

Every page is a copy of the previous (with differing text obviously) so there are no differing css rules. I just can’t work out how some of the pages are performing as expected but some others seem to have their own agenda and refuse to co-operate.

For the moment I can’t allow viewing access, just wondered if anyone had had this happen to them and how they remedied it?

EDIT… FIXED. Had to go into the offending items in mobile view, backspace between words and then forward space and they dropped down a line perfectly.

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