RESOLVED: Form dont working

When my site was still in webflow the form worked perfectly … after I added the client’s hosting and went to the domain itself it does not work anymore. It informs you that the email has been sent but nothing arrives in the email box. Can someone help me?

Thanks for the heads up @Gustavo_Pimentel

We’re actively working on a fix for this issue and the team is aware. We’re posting active updates here:

Thank you so much for your patience and understanding as we work towards a resolution.

I’ll reach out as soon as I have an update!

Do you have any plans to solve this problem? This email is very important to the customer. It is through him that we are going to sell the apartments. We have a digital strategy with facebook, instagram and google active. Contacts are very important. If it takes more than 24 hours, I’ll need to rethink and use another platform. Customer is here complaining.

Update Jun 12, 16:58 UTC

During our investigation, we’ve learned that there has been a very large influx of spam account signups this morning from randomized emails – which caused a big spike of verification emails that caused our email provider to suspend all transactional email delivery. We have deployed a code change to prevent this specific pattern of spam account signups, and are working with our email API provider to bring our account back online. We are being told that this process takes about an hour, and we thank you for your patience.


Already normalized. Thank you very much

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Hi @Gustavo_Pimentel I can confirm that the issue has been resolved, for more information please be sure to read our incident report:

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