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[Resolved] Error 503 backend read error

Seeing problems with CMS site collections, varied 503 error messages, anyone else seeing this

backend read error

Guru Mediation:

Details: cache-iad2123-IAD 1507639246 2183050702

Varnish cache server

Also seen this on

I have the same problem here

Hi @steelejamc and @donaldsv

Thank you for reaching out and for bringing this to our attention!

We had a small glitch on a number of hosted sites but it only lasted for a couple of minutes.

Your sites should be loading fine now, can you please confirm? Make sure you reload the site after clearing your browsing cache.

You can always check if there are any issues from Webflow’s end by subscribing to our status updates:

Our engineers are keeping a close eye on this now.

Thanks in advance for your patience and understanding.

Hi Anna, thanks for the update! Everything is working fine for me now!

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The issue is completely resolved now.

Thanks for your patience and understanding.

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