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[Resolved] Several Webflow sites only showed 404, 503 or 514 errors this morning

Checked 4-5 sites before they came online again (10:50 European time) and all was either completely gone (Webflow 404 at index) or got 514/503 errors when navigating to collection template pages. I still got one page that has a hickup, its showing but does not complete loading (“Waiting for [something]”).

The Webflow status page showed all systems ok when I had these errors…

Hi Christoffer,

Thanks for your report, I checked on the one Url link you sent, although that page appears to be running fine. There was a small spike in our hosting server that lasted about 5 minutes on Friday near to that time approximately so it could have been related.

If you have any urls that are coming up with 404, 503 or 514 codes, could you help to share those with me?

Hi Dave

All sites came online again while I was writing the post. I print screened the pages, but unfortunately deleted them when they came back online. I can try to list some links by memory, but their are all up and running now!

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