Resetting embed content

I’m working on a redesign for a site that has a webstore with several different sections. I load the sections individually using embeds so I can use webflow buttons. In the past, I’ve done this using a separate page for every product category, but I would like to keep it all on one page and just swap out the embed depending on which button is clicked.

I know how to do all of that. My question, though, is how do I reset an embed?

Visitor clicks on Category 1.
Visitor clicks on Product 1 within Category 1.
Visitor clicks on Category 2. Category 1 is hidden and Category 2 is shown.
Visitor clicks back on Category 1. Product 1 within Category 1 is still active in that embed.

How do I change that last part? Right now, I’m just showing/hiding the embeds, so wherever that particular category was left is where it will be when it is shown again. Is there a way to force the reload of an embed?

Anyone? I would imagine there has to be a javascript way to do it.

Please provide a share link to your site.

This isn’t specific to a project. It’s a theoretical question. I have several clients who want webstores and this is a vital but straightforward issue to be able to solve.

Could someone with some JS ability at least respond to confirm that this is not possible?

I find it difficult to believe that no one here knows how to do this…

I believe you would need to code a reset or call a reset function if available in your embedded code. State management would be in the embedded code.

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