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Require one radio option of a group before form submission

I have a form on a website with a radio group with multiple radio options. I already have it set so that only one option can be selected. How can I require that one option be selected before submission? If I hit required on any one of the radio options, it only requires that specific option before submission. How do I require any one of the options in the group be required?

Hi Machi,
Its a tricky one radio button settings are not very configurable natively in Webflow. One approach might be to set the checked parameter on your radio options so that you have a default value. To do that you would use custom attributes and set the Name to ‘checked’.
Hope that helps.

Hi Gail,
Thanks for the suggestion. If someone just skips that section without knowing there is already one selected their signup will be for the wrong thing. Some people have been skipping it because they aren’t decided on which one and figure they can do it later, but it messes up the signup process for the business owner.

I thought there must be some way to set the whole group as required to select one option in the group but it doesn’t seem so.

In that case then I would just add some code to validate if the one of the options is checked.