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Reproducing a gallery interaction on a site

Hey Webflow designer and devs

It would much appreciated if someone would help me with a gallery interaction. Im trying to prototype this click and hide interaction similar this site here

If this type of interaction is possible with webflow it would much appreciated if anyone could show me how it would be done.

Please and thanks.


see example 3

Also read and watch

Assure to understand the concept of “limit to nested elements” and “limit to sibling elements” that comes with interactions, this will let you crate such an interaction and apply it quickly to a lot of other elements.

Basically, you want to show/hide something on a click. This is kind of easy with Webflow. What’s going to be a little bit tricky is how to make an opened panel close when you open another.

Hey Vincent, thanks for the advice I’ll be sure to try that out.But can explain or point me to anything that explains how " limited to sibling elements" works.

Please and thanks,


Yep, read here : Sibling/nested elements explaination

Basically, an interaction set for an element (say, on click) can affect OTHERS elements. Once you’ve selected a trigger, you can check the “Affect different element” box and name the element you want to affect.

In order to re-use an interaction, options exist to limit the “affect other element” option to the SIBLING or NESTED elements (of the one you’re applying the interaction to).

So you can have the same structure of elements for a lot of objects in your pages (for example the same button opening the same panel), with the same classes names, without an interaction affecting all the panels of the page, limiting its effects to either siblings or nested elements.

I think the link will clarify.