Replicating interaction of HTML button linking to external modal

I’m redesigning a client’s website and having trouble understanding how the previous designer achieved a modal interaction. The website’s CTAs prompt a modal that is hosted externally. I would like to redesign the buttons but I can’t figure out how to make new buttons do the same thing as the old buttons.

I believe it’s using some custom code (see screencaps below).

Possibly related: I’ve noticed that although the HTML is editable in the HTML Embed Code Editor any changes made don’t seem to take effect.

How can I make the new buttons I want to create do exactly the same thing as these older buttons?

Thanks for any help or guidance!

2022-11-24 12_32_36-Webflow - HealthySole
Here is the site Read-Only: [LINK]1

It’s triggered by a script that is connected to some 3rd-party service called KoreConX.

Here’s the script piece that creates the script piece that attaches to the button, and invokes the pop-up;

<script>(function(w,d,t,u,k,e,p){e=d.createElement(t),p=d.getElementsByTagName(t)[0];e.async=1;'kcxScriptSrc';e.src=u+'?kcxClientToken='+k+'&t='+(new Date().getTime());p.parentNode.insertBefore(e,p)})(window,document,'script','','n1JdKDAzfap6rrP96QVy1D');</script>

And just after it is this script which I suspect is related;

<!-- KoreConX Script -->
<script src=''></script>


  • It looks like the original site was built in Webflow as well, if you can get access to it. Depends on who built it I guess, and whether they’ll give you workspace access. Also what workspace plan you have.
  • I don’t know the tool, but often these solutions have a domain check so you may have the problem of not being able to make this popup work until you’re site is hosted on
  • Chances are, you want access to the KoreConX service anyway, so that you can regen or restyle the popup code as needed, use their integration testing tools, etc.
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