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How do I add javascript to a button to launch a modal window?

I have a situation where I’m attempting to add javascript to a button that launches a modal window. I’ve given it a solid effort based on the advice I’ve found in the forum, but am not all that competent with javascript.

I’m including a read-only link to the project and will briefly explain what I’m attempting to do, in case anyone has a moment to look into this. I suspect it’s an easy integration for someone with more competency than myself.

When clicking any of the buttons at the top of the page (reserve a spot, get involved, get in touch) the desired action is to launch a modal window with an embedded VideoAsk widget. Here’s some code that I found that someone wrote for this very function.

I’ve added the this script to the
<script src=""></script>

I’ve added this script to the

But I’m not sure how to add the following javascript to the link in the Webflow editor since there’s no way (that I’ve found) to actually edit the raw HTML

<a href="javascript:void(videoask.loadModal({url: '', options: { modalType: 'Fullscreen'}}))">
    Click this link to show the fullscreen modal

From what I gather, I need to create an ID for each button and then reference that; but I’m still not clear on where the code goes that references that button-ID. Any help would be much appreciated!