Renaming slugs for Collections


Long time user and advocate of Webflow.

I’d really love to see an ability to rename slugs for collections. This would be a major feature update for me.

In Canada, most of our clients require English and French websites. We’ve had a lot of success building one, then duplicating the site and translating text.

Everything is seamless, except the URLs for items in collections.

I get that this may be a challenging thing to update and I’m sure there are implications, but it would be extremely helpful.

Our clients find it very odd when we explain to them that we can translate the domain name and the page name but not the subdirectory name.

If this is being worked on, is there an ETA?

Thank you!


Buy a Tamplate and you can not make this change is very frustrating .

I would not only translate but modify.

please! please! please!

right now you need to duplicate an entire collection with all its fields and change all the bindings… its frustrating!


Yes please! This can be very frustrating – a client would assume that this is easily possible. But even the designer might change his mind, or has to start setting up the site before all the naming is finalised.

Is this on the roadmap at all?